Flippers- Fake Teeth for Kids

The transformation from cute kid to beauty queen

The transformation from cute kid to beauty queen

Dental flippers are a must-have for children taking place in beauty pageants… if they want to win, that is.  Flippers can cost anywhere from $200- $300 dollars. Missing baby teeth are apparently viewed as “gaping holes” that must be remedied.  When I see a little kid on the street with a front tooth missing, I immediately think “Aww, how cute!” It’s an endearing trait of children, in my opinion.  However, these children aren’t really expected to look like children.  Make-up, spray tans, and false, adult-like teeth transform these children into mini-women.

To teach self-confidence and self-worth, I think having these children show off their natural beauty, inner and, if you must, outer beauty would be a more effective approach.


9 Responses to “Flippers- Fake Teeth for Kids”

  1. tayler Says:

    i dont have a lot of money for fake teeth an dall the other things. Were can i find teeth for an 11 year old girl for a little less money

  2. danielle tate Says:

    I’m 34 years old and I’m looking for a flipper for myself can your company help me out

  3. naritodo Says:

    oh well isnt that stupid?? i compete in pageants and i dont wear a flipper!!!!!!AND NEVER HAD!!!!!!

  4. Claudette Woods Says:

    I just wanted to know about a flipper?

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